“AUSTRALIA, once a destination for Britons seeking a new life in the sun, is facing such a large exodus of its citizens that its government has launched an inquiry to discover why.”

“Out of a population of 20m, about 1m Australians are living overseas, a quarter of them in Britain.”

“Professor Graeme Hugo, author of the CEDA report, said: “It

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  1. ernestito says:

    mia, what’s your reason? Was it because you’re a “lesbian”?
    In the old days (well, a few years ago), Aus was indeed the place to be after Hong Kong for the Brits here. It was like a natural progression (actually, progression is a bad word cos you guys are so backward…). However, there are less and less people talking about moving to Aus these days.
    Perhaps one look at Merryl and they all went “no way jose!!!”
    Well, I like you Australians cos you make me look so so much better.

  2. mia says:

    You’re just jealous!

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