“The government has announced plans to clamp down on so-called “health tourists”.
BBC News Online examines claims that they are a serious drain on the NHS.”

“The truth is nobody knows how much health tourism costs the NHS and if indeed it is a major problem.”
Surely comedy tourism where people come to point and laugh at the health system would be more of a problem. Does the government really think any bogus asylum seeker has the spare time to hang around on waiting lists on the off-chance they won’t be left in a corridor to die?
I liked this line: “”Certain ministers seem to want to highlight this issue from time to time, usually when there is another story that they don’t want to hit the news,” he said.”

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  1. Dreen says:

    I know for a fact that some AIDS patients from other countries come especially to UK to get the treatment as it is fully sponsored by the government wherever you come from and whatever residency status you have.
    This treatment cost a fortune so no doubt that NHS must be spending loads on it. Now, these people need treatments to survive so who could blame them really?

  2. ernestito says:

    I second…re what Dreen said.

  3. mia says:

    I’d like to see your sources, if that’s so.
    They must be more organised than me because I’ve been here a year and a half and still don’t have a doctor or a dentist. There are waiting lists for everything.

  4. Dreen says:

    Well, they’re better organised for Aids patients than for the flu I imagine.
    Luckilly, my company had an in-house doctor because I never managed to get my own doctor either. Specialsts are easy to get though. Do you have the Bupa insurance? I think you have some kind of priority when you’re with them. Never had to wait for anything.

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