Our destiny: an expat’s perspective” says a lot of what I want to say about John Howard. Since I’m wicked and I’m lazy, I’m going to post the relevant bits here.
“It’s also been interesting to note that of late I’m received differently when entering countries or talking to people of other nationalities than I used to be, and that’s disappointing.”

One of Howard’s favourite and most upsetting tricks: “the Prime Minister of the country overrode popular opinion and the opinion of his own party and used the Constitution to force his own morale code on to the public.”

“John Howard would like Australians to see him as a compassionate man, yet this is a man who refuses to fight for the rights of Australians being held unlawfully by the United States military; a man who willfully ignores the doctrines and conventions of the United Nations; a man who unlawfully detains people seeking entry to this country under refuge status to flee persecution in their lands of origin.”

“How to win an election? Make people afraid of something and then find someone to attach the fear to so the people have someone to direct their anger at”

“calling anyone with enough intelligence and audacity to question the government un-Australian.”

“Keep asking questions and you will “rip the mask” from John Howard’s and the government’s face so that they have no discourse, nowhere to hide and will have to finally be accountable for their actions.”