“Jail sentence on Hanson is harsh, say Australians” says a Telegraph editorial I read on the plane. Oh really? Which Australians would they be? Certainly not the ones who wrote the celebratory emails filling my inbox or the ones writing letters to the press. A few callers to a right-wing talkback show is hardly a representative sample.
Good old Mark Latham: “She’s just been a candidate in the recent New South Wales election in which she campaigned for tougher penalties – now she’s got one”. (ABC)
I’ve been hearing fireworks going off periodically for a few weeks now. It’s a reminder that I’ve been here for a whole year now, because I know it’s going to build until Bonfire Night when it will slowly petre out. I still don’t understand why they set them off in daylight, surely you wouldn’t really be able to see them. Maybe I’ll understand when I’ve been here longer.
It’s almost a shame they’ve discontinued the photo tagged razor blades, cos I had a great idea for a grass-roots campaign against them: make a scary or monster face as you pick them up, triggering the photo, then put them back. It won’t affect the number of purchases, but it will affect the usefulness of the photos.