Sounds entirely fair to me… they should be allowed to move to the countries that are responsible for climate changes. Maybe that would make the US see sense on environmental issues.
“People forced to flee by climate change or other disasters caused by human activities deserve recognition as refugees, a UK campaign group argues.
It says people affected by rising temperatures should be given a special status as “environmental refugees”.
The foundation says there are tens of millions of these refugees already.” (BBC)
My Onion horoscope: “You have grown fat on the blood of the innocent, which, as it turns out, is the main ingredient in that white cream inside Twinkies.”
Possibly more real power than your average politician, even the VP, gets:
“Former US Vice President Al Gore is close to a buying a cable TV channel, putting him in a position to launch a liberal news outlet to counteract the increased popularity of conservative stations like the Fox News Channel, a source familiar with the matter said today.” (Age)
Speaking of politics, “A high school student has the right to wear a t-shirt to school with the face of President George W Bush and the words “International Terrorist” on the front, a US federal judge ruled today.” (Age)
“Advertising authorities in Moscow have banned a poster campaign showing the euro having sex with the US dollar.” (Ananova)
How freaked out would you be if you saw this?