Ok, so my purse was stolen by some trollop my housemate brought home.
Overall I can deal with that, though right now I just want to hide under my desk and cry.
But I’m hating that the police can’t be arsed doing anything about it when
it would have to be one of the easiest prosecutions ever:
My housemate can identify her.
She left her handbag behind, with a letter with her *full name and
address* in it.
There’s *CCTV footage* of her trying to use the card.
The retained card has her signature on it, ferfarkssake.
When I say ‘deal’ I probably mean “I’m devasted but I’ll be ok by the time I’m 80”.
I’ve lost my Australian driver’s licence, and I’m weirdly deeply upset by this. It’s like I’ve lost part of my Australian identity. I can’t replace it while I’m over here, so I can’t do the easy swap for a UK licence, and I won’t have any simple ID when I’m in Australia.
I’ve also lost all that other sentimental stuff you keep in your purse, and some of my best travel notes from Helsinki.

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  1. Sandrine says:

    It’s so sad! I can’t believe the police is not doing anything. The same happened when someone stole the bag of my mother. They’re so useless. Not surprising that some people try to make justice themselves…
    By the way, the bag she left behind her, are you sure it’s her?!… She might have stolen it as well.
    Why your flatmate is not tracking her and go make her a visit to retrieve all your stuff?
    I would be pissed off too. If I was still in London, I would find her and kick her ass!

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