They needed a study to tell them this?
“There were certainly some things that partners were doing that made (the PMS) worse in some instances.”
“Men certainly play a significant role in (PMS) and can play a very significant role in women’s depression and anger and frustration at that time of the cycle.”

“She said her research also found if a partner was supportive, understanding and gave a woman space she coped with her PMS better.
However, trivialising the experience or getting angry at the woman only made it worse. ” (Age)

I’m greatly amused by this, but I’m not sure why (bit of a theme there).
“US bemused by Blaine-baiters” (BBC)
“There was consternation that someone of Sir Paul’s status might allegedly use a four-letter word when referring to the 30-year-old New Yorker.” Poor puritan Americans. The c-word is probably the most common word in the English language.
“Medical student Allison LaFata, 25, said: “We think of you as prim and proper. I wouldn’t expect to go to London and see lots of drunken, rowdy behaviour.””

“More than half of Britons who took part in a nationwide debate on genetically modified crops said they should never be introduced under any circumstances.” (BBC)
“Microsoft’s internet service MSN is to cut back drastically its chatroom services because of concerns about child safety.” (BBC)
The focus on the particular technology worries me. Now that there are so many portable electronic devices there’ll always be a way to chat up kids. It’s horrible but they need to educate kids to be careful about chatting/texting/whatever with people they don’t know.

“A drug created by the former KGB to keep its agents sober so that they could drink opponents under the table before stealing their secrets is being sold on the internet to Hollywood stars as a defence against hangovers.” (Guardian)