A depressing trip down memory lane…
“An editorial in the influential newspaper The Australian launched a scathing attack on both John Howard and Kim Beazley before Saturday’s poll.
“The system has failed to produce candidates who offer what Australia needs – to look beyond the war against terror and the phoney war on boat people,” said the paper.
“In this leadership election, both Howard and Beazley are losers – and Australia will pay the price for years.” ” (BBC)

“A New Zealander who sent millions of junk emails out every day has shut his business after his personal details were posted on the web.
Shane Atkinson, whose business is known as spamming, said the barrage of abuse made him worry about the safety of his children, The New Zealand Herald newspaper reported today.
His identity as the man behind millions of spam messages promoting penis enlargement pills was revealed in a Herald article last week.” (Age)
So he’s such a family man that it really never occurred to him that he was exposing other people’s kids to obscene messages?

“Hundreds of books have been left on the streets of Manchester as part of a growing international swapping project.
People who find the books in the city are encouraged to read them and then release them back “into the wild” for others to pick up, read and pass on.
Known as Bookcrossing, the idea has already been introduced to the cities of Melbourne, Shanghai, Oslo, Montreal and Hong Kong. ” (BBC)