I think these statements on desperate Madonna/Britney/Christina snog sum it and the whole tATu lesbo-marketing thing up for me: “”If it’s just about marketing and titillating a male audience, then that’s not really advancing anyone’s cause… it cheapens us a bit. One of the issues our community constantly faces is that the media only focuses on the saucy, sleazy aspects of our community””. And of course it’s about marketing and titillating a male audience.
“Victorian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby incumbent co-convenor David McCarthy is also ambivalent about homosexuality’s new-found fashion status and the subsequent impression that being gay is a “lifestyle choice” – that Madonna can passionately kiss another woman, then go home to the husband and kids. “That’s just crap,” he says. “No one would actually choose it. The reality of our everyday lives is that we face discrimination – financially, emotionally, personally… if they realised what it was really like (to be gay), perhaps they would not make such light of it.”” (Age)

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  1. Sandrine says:

    I don’t agree babe. I think it’s cool that two girls kissing become a banality. At least, people will stop staring when it happens. it’s a step towards understanding.
    I wish Madonna would kiss me too!;-)

  2. mia says:

    I wish it was a banality! But if people like Britney Spears are playing it for the shock value, it’s a long way from a banality. Every time someone does it for the pervy/shock value, they’re making it less likely.
    Next time I see Madonna out I’ll tell her to kiss you. x

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