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  1. Bilynda Williams says:

    My name is Bilynda Wiliams (nee Murphy)
    and I am the mother of Jaidyn Leskie.
    I am not a scrubber, and you have no right to speak of me like that when you don’t even know me.
    You need to get your facts right before you write BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. mia says:

    If you’re Bilynda Murphy, prove it, scrubber.
    And wouldn’t your surname now be ‘Williams’ or is ‘Wiliams’ another special Moe spelling? Very kind of your friend ‘PeteSteele’ to let you use his email account.

  3. gypsi says:

    All I can say on this matter is no matter what you think of Bilynda the fact is she has had the worst possible thing happen to her.
    Losing a child to murder would be the worst possible thing for sure.
    The clear fact is she did not kill her son.
    And still she has to live each day knowing this person who did murder her son is walking around scott free.
    My heart goes out to Bilynda

  4. hope says:

    Bilynda you have paid the highest price of all,theloss of your little boy, you have fought
    for a public inquest into your son,s death,so my
    prayers are with you in that the murderer is found.
    God bless and your family

  5. Mia says:

    Ok, I’m bored of you all now. I can’t be bothered replying to people who don’t bother reading things properly before they have a spaz.
    It’s time you all got a life and went to annoy other websites.

  6. cindy says:

    bilynda i really feel for u to have your son taken from u like that really sucks i pray everyday that they find the killer jaidyn will never be layed to rest properly till then someone needs to pay for this dont listen to all those dickheads out there that blame u u r not to blame and your little boy knows just how much u loved him and still do

  7. Mommy its cold and i want to come home! says:

    Hey who gives a dam?
    All these false identities on this web log.
    Its more confusing than fathers day in Moe.

  8. Bilynda Williams says:

    I don’t care what you have to say to me or if you belive who I am or not, I just want justice for my son and comments like these will not stand in my way!!! Thankyou and have a lovely day :o) Bilynda

  9. Barb says:

    Chin up, Bilynda! Anyone who can nit-pick over a tiny spelling mistake, or call you horrible names, just isn’t worth your time. I think of you often and marvel that you are still giving it a go. You sure have guts -a real Aussie battler.

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