Yay Melbourne! Anti-war rally and

Yay Melbourne! Anti-war rally and gallery.
The police say over 100,000 people, the organisers say over 200,000. I’d say the orgnisers were right.
From news.com.au: “”The Prime Minister can’t ignore this,” Senator Stott Despoja said.
“How dare he disregard the public will.
“We Australians are unequivocally opposed to war under any sanction, UN or not,” she said.
One of the biggest cheers came for Senator Brown, who urged the crowd to fight what he called Mr Howard’s “imposing holocaust”.
“The Prime Minister has never been given a mandate by the people of Australia to go to war,” Senator Brown said.
“This is President Bush’s war, this is Prime Minister Blair’s war, this is John Howard’s war, but this is not Australia’s war.””