Responses to the “Rename ‘The

Responses to the “Rename ‘The Two Towers’ to Something Less Offensive Petition”. I don’t care if the petition or the responses were a troll, they’re funny.
“yes i agree…being an Elvis fan i would be very hurt and dismayed if they were to make a film and call it Return of the King”
” yes…Two Towers is a bad name… i have twins and will not let them stand side by side out of respect”
” they should rename it…we had two tower blocks built near us, the whole neighbourhood was horrified… and we all signed a petition and the council had to demolish it out of respect”
” I totally agree…naming it Two Towers is totally lacking in respect…i think they should stop all twins going into Tower Record stores also.. i will sign your petition”
Whoever this Tolkein guy is, he’s an insensitive ashole if he’s making a movie with a title like that. I’ll bet he’s not even American!! What gives him the right!!!! –Sean Curtin
its called “tact” –Lynda Blair Vernalia
I heard about this petition from someone in my weekly prayer groups. I whole-heartedly support you in your worthy cause. –Stacy Badum
I can’t believe the insensitivity of some people in this petition. The least New Line can do is postpone the movie for a while so that the country had time to grieve. Have they no shame!? –Amanda Swanson
I hope someone will punish Tolkien for this tasteless act. 🙁 –Thomas Veil
Tolkien should be exumed, and buried again –sympathetic uk
I will personally not see another New Line or Tolkien film if this tragedy is allowed to continue. –W. Desmith