I’m off to Belfast tonight.

I’m off to Belfast tonight. I’ve just booked flights to Milan for Easter. A proper Italian Easter! How fabulous.
I’ll leave you with this, from Umberto Eco in last Saturday’s Guardian (1.2.2003):
“In the era of globalisation, global peace becomes impossible. So there remains just one possibility for peace: working for peace on a case-by-case basis, creating each time a possible peaceful solution on the context of wars that follow one after another. Peace on a local basic can be achieved if, when combatants are wearied, a negotiating agency puts itself forward as a mediator and produces a ceasefire. A continuous series of these “small peaces” can, in the long term, act as a sort of drain by washing away the tension produced by permanent war.
For example, a small peace today in Jerusalem would contribute to the lessening of tensions at the epicentre of the global war.”