I’m at work on a

I’m at work on a Saturday so I can test a client install. I made a new blog so I can collect links for my trips this year.
Danniii Minogue is going to be in my street next Thursday, I’m really tempted to heckle her. “Your sister is prettier and more famous than you!”
I went out for drinks and dinner with Mads last night. The George and Dragon at the start of Hackney Road has been done up, it’s not bad inside and it’s well close enough for a local when the wankers have been and gone. Big retro hair is apparently still in for girls. I never trust a skinny barmaid, I figure they should at least look like they drink the things they’re serving you.
Dream Bags and Jaguar Shoes is already over. Sure, the people were still beautiful but some of them looked 16, and everyone’s beautiful when they’re 16. Cute barmaid though.