Dannii sings an ode to

Dannii sings an ode to her vibrator
Apparently these are the lyrics:
“”Instead of just lying there,
Why don’t you show me that you’re powerful,
Put in triple X batteries just so you give me something wonderful,
Change it up fast and slow.
Till I find the frequency I like.
Love it when you do my vibe on.
Good vibrations, that’s what gets my ride on, gotta have vibrations,
Jump on to it, sit right on it, plug it in, give me my vibe on, gotta have vibrations.
I don’t want to put you down, looks like I’m a vibraholic now.”
Minogue then begins rapping, saying: “Be like giving me vibrations over my stimulation, straight out of the box uhh the hesitation, your love is like a pony that I love to ride, making me crazy.”