BBC: Prawn fishing ‘plundering seas’

BBC: Prawn fishing ‘plundering seas’
“Trawling for prawns is hugely wasteful, conservationists say, and threatens other marine creatures with devastation.
They say prawn trawlers kill 150,000 marine turtles a year, and also large numbers of seahorses.
They want consumers not to buy prawns until supermarkets can prove they have been caught without harming the environment and local communities.”

“The report’s main findings include:
* trawlers catch up to 20 kilograms of other species for every one kg of prawns they take
* they are responsible for one-third of the world’s discarded catch, although they produce less than 2% of global seafood
* local fish catches can decline sharply in areas where trawlers operate
* the trawls cause significant damage to seabed life.”
You can sign a petition or write to supermarkets.