Age: Pollies support ‘wag against

Age: Pollies support ‘wag against war’ protest
“Three federal politicians have endorsed a “wag against war protest”, encouraging Victorian high school, university and TAFE students to cut classes to attend an anti-war strike.
Democrat Senator Natasha Stott Despoja, Greens Senator Kerry Nettle and Dr Carmen Lawrence of the ALP are encouraging students to miss classes to be part of the action be held in Melbourne next month.”
I had a great weekend – Playtime on Friday night, “Return to New York” on Saturday (saw Too Many DJs – Soul Wax, New Order vs Pet Shop Boys, Sean McLusky, Gonzales and Peaches among others), went for a long walk dodging tourists along the Thames with Guy on Sunday.
Three cds arrived from Australia – the Fauves, TISM, and Dan and Al. Fang, the Dan and Al cd, won’t play in my computer, but I can’t find a warning about it on the packaging. Bugger.