“a collection of ideas “a collection of ideas that adults thought were true when they were children”
I used to think there was a rule that your top clothes had to be a darker colour than your bottom clothes.
I had a friend (otherwise very smart) who used to ride his bike into walls. I wonder if this is him under an assumed name: “I used to think that if I hit myself hard enough in the right spot on my head, I could knock free the 80% of brain we don’t use, and would become super-human. This resulted in many tragic childhood accidents involving books and walls”
And I liked this one:
“My father was evil.
I used to watch the Wonder Woman live-action TV show, and when the show was over, I would spin around in the livingroom, like Wonder Woman did, thinking if I spun fast enough, I met get her swimsuit, the truth-telling lasso, and all her outfit.
Dad would encourage me while mother would scold him. “Keep spinning! Faster! I think I see the lasso!” “Gayle! Stop that! You’ll make her so dizzy she’ll get sick!” “I see the tiara! Keep going!”
I’d spin until I fell over onto the couch and couldn’t stand up straight, and he’d tell me he was sure I’d get it next time. I totally believed him.”