I’m putting together a cd

I’m putting together a cd of the greatest ever Australian songs. First, Spiderbait, ‘Old Man Sam’. God this rocks.
I’m having trouble picking a definitive song for some bands. Hunters and Collectors‘ has to be ‘You don’t make me feel like a woman any more’, Hoodoo Guru‘s ‘What’s my scene’, but if I have to put a Cold Chisel song on (and let’s face it, I do), what should it be? Khe Sahn? Cheap Wine? And how do I pick just one Whitlams song?
TISM would have to be either ‘Greg, the stop sign’ or ‘Old Man River’.
Do the Hard-Ons make it to the list? What about the Cruel Sea? Is Kylie still Australian enough? Have the Avalanches and the Vines been around long enough? What about all the new Australian bands I’ve missed since I left? I love Tumbleweed and the Fauves (dogs *are* the best people) but are they known well enough?