An investigation of chips/crisps flavours

An investigation of chips/crisps flavours available here is quite scary.
Some samples, by brand. Walkers Marmite Yeast Extract Flavour Crisps
Walkers Pickled Onion Flavour Crisps (I’d actually try these)
More from Walkers: Beef & Onion (they’re vegan! but what vegan wants to eat meat flavours?), Heinz Tomato Ketchup, Coronation Chicken (I’ve yet to figure out what this is), Chargrilled Steak, Chip Shop Curry.
Golden Wonder: Rib ‘N’ Saucy, Sausage & Tomato, Steak & Onion, Brannigans: Smoked Ham and Pickle, Roast Beef and Mustard.
Apparently there used to be ‘hedgehog‘ flavour crisps.
It’s also a good excuse to link to Tokyo vs London chips/crisps. Chipworld was immensely helpful to my research.