A variation on ‘websites that

A variation on ‘websites that suck’ – mobile phone companies that suck. O2 keep sending spam texts to my phone, despite the fact that I very carefully never opted-in for any commercial or ‘informational’ email.
It took a while to find it but I found a contact page on the O2.co.uk site, wrote a message that hopefully stayed on the right side of rightful customer and didn’t verge into loony attention-seeker (“Stop sending marketing texts to my phone. I have never opted-in for any marketing or other information from O2 or BT Cellnet. The messages sent from O2 – UK don’t provide any method for opting out. I will change service providers if O2 continue to send unsolicited texts to my phone.”), filled in precious personal information that will probably lead to more spam, only to get the message, ” Error: escalation to O2 Customer Care failed.”
So now this post is really a ‘mobile phone companies that suck and their sucky websites’ rant.