ZDNet: “A digital-copyright bill introduced

ZDNet: “A digital-copyright bill introduced last month has inspired howls of protest from consumers and high-tech firms who say it could slow technological advances and dictate how consumers listen to music or watch videos at home.”

” High-tech lobbying groups have weighed in as well, arguing that mandatory copyright-protection technologies would hurt their ability to innovate, and would encourage consumers to hold on to their older computers rather than buy new models that restricted their activities.” [No kidding!]

“Joe Krauss, head of the grassroots group DigitalConsumer.org, said his members have offered plenty of constructive suggestions.
For example, the group has called for Congress to pass a law that would specifically spell out consumers’ “fair use” rights, such as the right to record TV shows for later viewing, or transfer a CD to a portable MP3 player. ”