I’ve been reading a lot

I’ve been reading a lot lately, being unemployed and all.
White Teeth, Zadie Smith: I read it because it’s one of those books. I had no idea it was set around North London, including Kilburn – where I’m staying – and surrounds. It’s a damn good book, and the bonus for me was seeing this area through kid’s eyes. It’s easy to get on the tube at one end and emerge at the other without any idea about the bits inbetween; kids don’t do that.
Queen’s Country, Paul Burston. I really like his take on the ‘gay community’ and the cloning of gay men.
At Swim, Two Boys, Jamie O’Neill. Excellent. I read it for the queer teenage love story (I’m such a sucker for them!) but it’s just as much about the Easter 1916 rising and the Irish ‘troubles’.
The Subtle Knife, Philip Pullman. I hadn’t read the precursor to this, but it sucked me right in and I read it in a night. I liked his unromantic view of kids.
deadkidsongs, Toby Litt. Deeply disturbing. It never rang true for me; maybe because it’s too disturbing, maybe because it’s set in a time and place I’ve never been; maybe because the author is more concerned with what’s possible than what’s probable.
Observatory Mansions, Edward Carey. I thought this was going to be a sort of ‘nihilist vs serial killer’ but it turned out all heart-warming. A bit too heart-warming in the end, but there you go.
The Body Artist, Don DeLillo. Didn’t grab me as much as some of his other stuff.
The Rotter’s Club, Johnathon Coe. Can’t wait for the sequel.
The Woman and the Ape, Peter Hoeg. He handles it so well you’re barely distracted by the physicality of some sections. A modern fable of a novel.