Tonight is ‘pissfart around with

Tonight is ‘pissfart around with cvs’ night, though it should really be ‘pack’ or ‘finish php apps’ night. Anyway, I corrupted some of my image files because I imported before I remembered vague whispers about cvs and binaries. If you’re using cvs for web files, consider creating a file called cvswrappers in your cvs root and adding lines like
*.gif -k ‘b’
*.png -k ‘b’
*.jpg -k ‘b’
*.zip -k ‘b
*.swf -k ‘b’
*.dcr -k ‘b’
*.psd -k ‘b’
(plus whatever else you need, plus any upper-case variations) to it.
All this and more at
In the interests of accuracy, I should admit that I also spent a chunk of the evening reading Neighbours plot lines.