So I’m checking my email,

So I’m checking my email, decide to check out the footy scores and see how my tips are progressing… there must be a red face at, because this is what was in the rhs score box:
Round 3
Friday April 12
Blues99 d Magpiesaway_score.points
Saturday April 13
Demonsaway_score.points d Tigershome_score.points
Swansaway_score.points d Crowshome_score.points
Catsaway_score.points d Demonshome_score.points
Bombersaway_score.points d Lionshome_score.points
Sunday April 14
Dockersaway_score.points d Hawkshome_score.points
Blues99 d Poweraway_score.points
Bulldogsaway_score.points d Eagleshome_score.points

There’s a huge anti-Israel demonstration going on outside, the crowd stretched as far as I could see in either direction, but you’d never know it in the insulated world that is Easy Everything.