I came across this ad

I came across this ad on the notice board at the library on Prinsengracht. It was an A4 page with a colour photo at the top, of this guy who wanted to start a communal house and was looking for people to help him build it, in working parties one Sunday a month. He claimed to be gender dysphoric, and that he was two-thirds female and one-third male. So he wanted to live in a house where everyone could explore life without gender stereotypes. He had a plan where the women would have sex with other women, and the men would have sex with the women, but no men would have sex with men. This seems strange to me, because unless his two-thirds of womanhood was gay, he’d be attracted to men, at least in part; but the best bit was the Freudian translation into Dutchlish:
Spiritual Growth House – At Erection – for four bisexual women and two heterosexual men.