February 7, 2002.The Dutch health minister’s surname is Borst, and borst means ‘breast’. Tee hee. (reference the story on dodgy nuclear power plant)

Watching tv the other day, I came across Melissa George (of Home and Away fame) on Thieves, telling someone locked out by a password dialog, ‘don’t worry, I can program in linux’. Thanks god for that, Melissa, though I’m dying to know what that really means.

Hey, the Home and Away site has Alfisms. Sweet! But they lose points for not having a “flamin’ kids” soundbite.

February 7, 2002. Dirty dirty evil minds (thanks Faye!_

A postcard I sent to friends in Melbourne (hi Cat and Cheryl!) before Christmas only arrived today.

air guitar championships make it to Australia

[News just in: apparently I have a job for another month, at least.]

cat panic, via b3ta.