February 4, 2002. NYTimes on SuperBow(e)l Extravaganza: you couldn’t help noticing that as a scoreboard in the stadium flashed “Freedom!” there was a smaller illuminated sign next to it that read “Bud Light.”.

February 4, 2002. Community Aid Abroad report: “The Howard Government’s “Pacific solution” on asylum seekers has increased instability in the region and diminished Australia’s ability to play a leadership role.” Carmen Lawrence is quoted making a valiant effort but it would have meant more if she’d spoken out before the election.

John Howard ignores it, of course.

February 4, 2002. So the (Dutch royal) wedding has been and gone. I had a great day, a bunch of friends came over to watch the golden coach go past, we ate and drank (and slurped vodka jellies). It was a gorgeous day, sunny and warm.

The BBC’s coverage is short and sweet. A bunch of (Dutch) articles/photos are linked from De Telegraaf and Het Parool, including this cute dog from this gallery. More: orange people, Dam crowd, Maxi-merchandise. The one thing that’s missing is a photo of the ring getting stuck when Willem was putting it on Maxima.

indymedia view of the day (nederlands).

Photos from one of those roaming camera people: (Caroline) Sandra and Vessy, Fraser and his tight orange tshirt and Nikos and Caroline.

Finally saw Asoka this weekend. Hrishitaa Bhatt (who played Devi) is cute, but also looks disturbingly like Alyssa Milano.

The music wasn’t that good but it inspired me to go check out http://www.bollywoodmusic.com/.

Speaking of film, I can’t wait to see Brotherhood of the Wolf (official site with trailers), (trailers one and two at Apple)./

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Stan Grant, the Eric Bana of news.

Dutch word of the day – afgrijselijk: dismal, abhorrent, hideous.