February 21, 2002, 11:06am. According to news.com.au, “STEPHEN BRADBURY, winner of the Olympic 1000 metres short track title after each of his four rivals fell, has qualified for the 1500m semi-finals while sitting on the ice and facing the wrong way.”

9:33am. Pentagon plans propaganda war: “United States defence officials are examining the possibility of planting propaganda and even misleading stories in international media as part of George Bush’s war on terrorism.”, but the ‘other good guys’ aren’t happy. “Washington’s Western allies are concerned about a new Pentagon department of propaganda that aims to plant false information in the media of friends of the US as well as its enemies”.

If they thought about it, they’d realise it was already happening. I remember thinking that the US wouldn’t start bombing when they did because of propaganda information they’d spread around the Western press.

‘Gay’ site features Melbourne’s finest: “The site contains unauthorised images, believed to have been taken in 1999, of students from Melbourne Grammar, Xavier College and Wesley College involved in a variety of activities such as rowing and playing football.”

So of course I wanted to see the pictures. A google search for “all photographs are taken in public places” took me straight to http://www.magnatude.com/faq.htm but it looks like a server-side redirect takes you to yahoo.com.