February 18, 2002, 4:45pm. I stumble across a link to the internet anagram server, but can’t remember why I wanted it. I can’t help but feel my Dutch class is going to go really well tonight, after a tedious day debugging old code.

Did you know that ‘Celine Dion alien’ is an anagram for ‘alien Celine Dion’?

3:05pm. Interesting commentary and background on the ice-skating controversy. I don’t know why I care, except that it seems unfair that the Canadians pouted and whinged and were given a big sop. That wouldn’t have happened if it was the other way around, and the Russians came second.

10:35am. I saw Tombraider on the weekend, it was only just ok as braindead entertainment. They really bent over backwards to keep to Hollywood’s ‘female characters can’t kill real people’ rule, but even that doesn’t explain why it was so lacklustre. I also saw Ginger Snaps, which was quite good but much more gruesome than I thought it would be.

It was really weird seeing Noah Taylor playing a Brit with bad teeth. In honour of the fact that it can be difficult to remember which is Noah Taylor and which is Ben Mendelsohn, I’m proposing a new collective noun to describe them: ‘Boah’. So the next time you see either one of them in a movie, you can say with confidence, ‘look, it’s Boah’. Much better than ‘it’s that guy’.

9:30am. First ever Winter Olympics gold for the Southern Hemisphere.

Canadians whinge and get a shared gold medal in paired figure skating. The NY Times article is as good as any, except for the reporter bias slipped in at the end, minke.com continued facetiously.

Bush Administration Poised to Eliminate Family Planning Funds – ‘Family planning foes in the House are urging the Bush administration to defund UNFPA’ (United Nations Population Fund).

More hate mail! It’s about Celine, of course. You have to wonder why they’re so concerned about anyone saying she’s an alien.