Buying that ‘fresh’ pasta in the chilled section of the supermarket today, I come across this month’s official Scary Product tm. Ready for it?

Pre-made cheese on toast. Yep, it’s pre-toasted bread with cheese pre-melted on top. You don’t cook under the griller, you cook in the oven. It takes six minutes once the oven’s up to temperature. So not only do you have to wait half an hour for the oven to warm up, you have to wait six minutes for it to cook. That’s about thirty-three minutes longer than it’d take to make it the normal way under the griller. And the best thing is the price – from memory, it was about $2.50, which is a hell of a lot more expensive than a loaf of bread; and given that you only get 8 slices, a lot more expensive than cheese.

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