This actually happened sometime in September, I’m just lazy about writing things up. And it’s another shopping story. I guess it’s the extended contact with the homobaboonians that does it.

So I’m in the chemists, or somewhere like that, and while I’m browsing round, I can hear these two chicks discussing what to get another friend for her birthday, or her wedding, or whatever.

After a lengthy discussion about how weird this chick is for not liking facials (‘oh my gawd, that’s really weird, what kind of person doesn’t like facials?’), one of them suggests an expensive lipstick, ‘because that’s the kind of special treat that you never think to get yourself, so it’s nice if someone else gets it for you’. The second chick says, ‘yeah, that’s good, cos she won’t even go to Safeway at 10 o’clock at night without lippie on’.

The first chick ponders this for a while, giving me time to think ‘cool, maybe she’s going to say something about how ridiculous it is to put on lipstick to go to a twenty-four hour supermarket…’.

However, when she eventually opens her mouth it’s to say, ‘Really? Oh, that’s good‘ in such a firm tone of approval and understanding that all my hopes for humanity are dashed.

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