Preston CIB Crime Report.

This is the crime report from my local Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter. Most of it is pretty ordinary, and much of the rest can be explained with terms like ‘high unemployment’, ‘working class’, etc, but some of it is really disturbing for such a quiet looking suburb. Aggravated pollution, anyone?

There were 55 offenders arrested for the following offences. Theft, handle stolen goods, deception, possess heroin, unlawful possession, theft from motor car, burglary and theft, traffic heroin, sexual penetration of a child under 16, stalking, warrant of apprehension, theft of motor car, traffic, cultivate and possess drugs, criminal damage, assault, threats to kill, armed robbery, unlicenced firearm, obtain financial advantage by deception, false report, aggravated pollution.

[I have no idea when this was written, the original wasn’t more specific than 1998]

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