It’s two days later, and today is ‘I hate all the psycho insane people in my life’ day. And dumb scubbers who scream inanities like, “But Kelly I *am* a designer” at each other. But I digress – the people I hate include those fond of analysing the motives of others as they relate to themselves – late for an appointment? It’s not because you slept in, it’s because you have a deeply hidden resentment towards having to be there. Well, suck my clit!! I also hate with an absolute *passion* people who tell me to go to the doctor’s for my cough when their logic is, and I quote, “Because the sound of it is irritating me”.

I watched BayWatch last night for the first time, and let me tell you, it *sucks* (but in this case I wouldn’t want it anywhere near my clit) – apart from the fact that it’s just plain badly made, badly acted television, it’s regressive to the nth degree – little Pammy swims out after wet victims a lot, but the boys are the ones who save them – if she’s lucky Pammy gets to hold onto the victim’s finger while the boy rescuer carries the body to the surface. Not to mention the Christian values. And the worst thing is that Pammy’s tits aren’t even that great – I’d be asking for my money back, and I’d use it to buy some lip-liner that matches my lipstick.