This really won’t make sense if you’re not from Melbourne…

…but imagine my outrage that Franco Cozzo doesn’t deserve his own proper Wikipedia entry!
I originally thought of him because of an article about anger in America over non-English language ads which made me want to hear “Comprate da Franco Cozzo” and “Megalo megalo megalo” again.
Maybe there is hope for Australia yet – I might have been too young to notice any fuss but his ads, in Greek, Italian and English, were cult classics rather than an outrage. There’s a video on YouTube where someone’s spotted him in a car and asked him to say the lines from his ad, but even better – here’s the original Franco Cozzo ad.

A week in the life of me

Tonight I went to see small metal objects at Stratford Railway Station, part of the Ozmosis series at the Barbican. It closes on the 10th so Londoners still have time to see it.
Yesterday I recovered from Saturday’s parties (my drinks, the rooftop fireworks party, lesbo club with the bestie over from Brussels) at the Turkish baths with my local bestie. On Friday I went to Behind the Mic – definitely an event to check out again -Thursday I enjoyed the comfort of conversation and food at one of the Vietnamese places on Kingsland Road, Wednesday I saw Airealism‘s Noir, on Tuesday I heard Judith Butler and Chetan Bhatt speak at the LSE then went for drinks, and oh, yes, on Monday I was granted indefinite leave to remain in the UK.