For some reason this last paragraph made me laugh:

Rupert Murdoch, who bought MySpace in 2005, has already expressed concern about the growth of Facebook. His executives will now be under even more pressure to find ways of making MySpace fashionable again.

BBC: Social sites battle for new users
Which reminds me – DesignDyke, I emailed you about my other blog that talks about social software a lot more, but it was probably eaten by hotmail.

This was on the front page of the Age online: Divided in sport, united in love

First they played against each other, then they fell in love. Now two of the world’s greatest women hockey players have had a baby together.
That’s the story of Australian Olympian Alyson Annan and her partner, former Olympic rival Carole Thate.

It’s a charming story, and it’s a great balance to Howard’s homophobia which at this distance otherwise forms my opinion of Australia’s attitude to all things gay.
Oh, and al-Qaeda can go fcuk themselves.