Hi from Siauliai, Lithuania.
So far I’ve accidentally stayed in a brothel in Latvia, had a personal escort by a PVC-shorts clad go-go dancer (male, sadly) through Riga’s only gay club, become addicted to vegie dumplings and pickles… oh, and seen lots of museums and churchs and sights and stuff. Beautiful Art Nouveau buildings.
Off to see Hill of Crosses today, Kaunus tonight, back to London tomorrow.
And for the girls – yes, it is, and yes, I know.

“What do homosexuals have to do to have their partner noticed by the Howard Government these days? Get involved in a terrorist plot perhaps.
In an inconsistency that has the gay lobby fired up, two pieces of legislation tabled in Parliament this week are at odds on gay partners.
Gay terror suspects have won recognition of relationships, but gay workers have not.” (The Age)