Many of them sickos Only ‘many’? I’m tempted to believe it’s a political stunt: “Rosie said: “The government has made it difficult for people like me to follow their ambition to study.”

“”I’m not willing to sacrifice my future for the sake of a part-time job, so I am faced with two choices

“The Victorian Government has vowed to legislate to curb urban sprawl along the Great Ocean Road and will consider similar action for the South Gippsland coast between Phillip Island and Wilsons Promontory.
Planning Minister Mary Delahunty has confirmed the Government will draw hard boundaries around Great Ocean Road towns and villages including Anglesea, Lorne, Port Campbell, Aireys Inlet and Wye River.” (Age). Yay!
I can’t believe I’m missing the “largest Australian flag ever to be hoisted from an aircraft, RAAF F1-11s, marching bands and colourful street performers” at Australia Day in Melbourne.
On the other hand, it’s going to be -3C overnight on Wednesday.

“As part of the study, schools had to show how they taught values and identify best practices. The study also spelled out ten key values that should be considered by schools, including tolerance and understanding, respect, inclusion and trust, and ethics.” (Age)
Just as well, because they wouldn’t learn them by watching their Prime Minister.

I’m considering closing down comments cos I’m getting so many spam entries with random text and lots of urls. I liked this one though:
“I have become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”

For Pete’s sake: “John Lydon, the man who led a “shock and awe” cultural assault on Britain in the 1970s as lead singer of the Sex Pistols, is to appear in the coming series of I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here.” (BBC)

Last night the whole street was kept awake by ungodly noises that sounded like someone was squeezing a puppy in a squeaky door. It turns out it was foxes making beautiful love.