Yes, but how many employees actually care? “Even the name “Christmas party” is under assault. Law firm Deacons, which advises firms on legal issues, ran a survey which found that 31 per cent of employers now preferred to use the generic non-religious phrase “end-of-year function”.” (Age)

“The rising UK hip-hop singer Estelle, too, has tired of the explicit lyrics and videos…
Estelle’s single, Take It Off, gives the men who surround themselves with writhing lovelies a taste of their own medicine. The song challenges them to put up or shut up; to prove that if they want women to strip for their benefit, they should be prepared to do the same. She plans to expand on this message on her upcoming album, due out next year.”

“As for the women, you should ask yourself why are you doing it? Aren’t you sick of being called a ho?” (BBC)

I have three staff Christmas parties to go to this year. I don’t know how I’ll manage to behave myself at all three when I have enough trouble behaving at one. Last year I got so bored with the coked-up ‘brown nose the boss’ antics of my wanker New Media company workmates that I crashed another Christmas party at the same hotel; chatted up strangers, hit the dancefloor and nicked a bottle of wine to take back to my work’s party. (Oh how I cringed when I woke up and remembered what I’d done.)
My work party in Amsterdam the year before was pretty tame – very gezellig but hardly exciting, especially when I could only follow one sentence in three of the conversation. It didn’t help that the company was already in the first stages of slow dot-com death.
The year before was more interesting – I was ambushed by two straight girls who got me drunk and dragged me home for a threesome.