There are many things I

There are many things I don’t get about the Netherlands. There’s an ad for Dutchtone (a phone company) that shows a family in a car being harassed by dwarves dressed as garden gnomes. The final shot shows a garden gnome pouring a line of liquid from a gas can to the car, implying that it’s petrol and will be used as a fuse to explode the car (with the family still inside). I think the moral is that if you had a phone/a phone with good coverage you could call for help, but the immolation of a family by garden gnomes is the kind of thing you’d only see here. sets a standard for sets a standard for narcissistic egocentricity that makes Henry Kissinger look like St. Francis of Assisi.
It’s funny how Andrew Sullivan didn’t use the first part of the sentence in his little front-page quote. I guess he’s flattered to be thought ‘dangerous’. Unfortunately for him, it wasn’t used to describe him, but his ‘will to censorship’.
I think he does need an editor, because I was always taught that an ellipsis (e.g. ‘…’) is used to mark the omission of words or phrases not necessary to understanding a quote. Andrew Sullivan uses an ellipsis to rearrange an article to suit his own needs.

I’ve rarely written about how

I’ve rarely written about how much the self-important little twit Andrew Sullivan infuriates me, so you probably can’t appreciate how glad this makes me: Columnist Andrew Sullivan Bites Paper; Paper Bites Back.
As much as Mr Sullivan would like to appear that he’s been fired because he’s just too hot to handle, it appears that it’s actually because he’s come to the end of his contract, and they were glad to see him go because, quite frankly, he sucks.