A quick catch-up on things around London:
A few Sundays ago I went on a trek to see Jake and Dinos Chapman’s Two Legs Good, Four Legs Bad at
Paradise Row. Last Sunday I wandered around Shoreditch looking for open galleries. Not much luck at first, except scaffolding pillars outside the Foundary were decorated in different styles, no idea who by.
The final gallery was Flowers East, where I really liked ‘The Person Who…….’ by Jiro Osuga – mostly paintings but there was a room with a table of toys and small paintings that folded out to show a different side.
I also saw Tim Berners-Lee speak (leave a comment or email me for my notes) on Tuesday, and saw Orfeo at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, both of which were really rather fabulous.

I went to see Kylie at the V&A today. It’s hard to believe they’ve devoted a whole exhibition to her, but it was actually surprisingly interesting to see the costumes. The early ones were a strange nostalgia trip and the later ones made me want to camp it up as a showgirl in a shiny outfit with a corset.
Update: after thinking about it more – I guess I expect to learn or have my thinking challenged in an exhibition, and I’m not sure that happened. So I hate to say it but overall it was more a display of pretty clothes than an exhibition.

“Archaeologists studying an ancient mosaic found by workers laying cable south of Rome have been astonished to discover that it is an optical illusion.
Viewed one way up it is a bald old man with a beard, but turned the other way round it is a beardless youth.” (Guardian)