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  1. Dreeny says:

    Is that your dog? He’s SO cute!
    The red kangaroo is cute too. Australians must really like their kangaroos to put them in playground. We don’t do that with our mussels in Belgium I’m afraid.;-)

  2. ernestito says:

    Oh dreeny, they llke their roos alright…they eat them! They put the roo tails on the grill!

  3. mez says:

    yeah cute pic of an introduced species about to attack and eat a native australian.

  4. Mia says:

    The kangaroos might be attacking him!

  5. karenc says:

    What’s the thing in the background attacking Thor’s ear? ;D

  6. Dreeny says:

    Australia looks very dangerous to me. Poor Thor living in this wilderness. Let’s rescue him and bring him to London!!!

  7. Mia says:

    Dreeny, I wish! But I’d need to live in a flat with a garden and not many stairs, and I can’t afford that.
    K, I think it might be a butterfly. Those playground designers should lay off the drugs. (I’ve *just* remembered your email about photos, do you still need them?)

  8. Dreeny says:

    Did your dog recognized you btw?

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