London is turning into Melbourne – it was beautiful and sunny this morning, and I was even going to venture from my desk and go to the park at lunchtime, but we’ve just had a massive downpour.
I never particularly liked the ‘four seasons in one day’ thing in Melbourne and don’t want it over here too!
(I could also do without hayfever, ta)

“Melbourne the food capital of Australia? Yes – and things just got a lot better.” (Age)
I shouldn’t read things like this when we’re about to head into winter over here.

I wish I could see this: “Is Not is “uniquely Melburnian”, its designers claim, because of the centralised, pedestrian-friendly nature of the city and the relative abundance of bill-postering sites.” (Age)

A collection of articles about the gay marriage ban in Australia:
“Australia’s conservative national government has overruled a local law allowing gay unions.
The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) became the first part of the country to legally recognise gay relationships when it voted on the issue last month.
But now the federal government has stepped in to invalidate the new law.”
Australia overrules gay union law, BBC.
The latest:
“The Australian Greens and Democrats tomorrow will seek to overturn the federal government’s decision to block ACT laws allowing same-sex civil unions.
This morning Federal Attorney-General Philip Ruddock announced that Governor-General Michael Jeffrey had agreed to use his powers to disallow the ACT law, which would have allowed gay couples to have their relationships registered and legally recognised.”
Minor parties fight gay marriage ban, The Age.
“Coalition Senators are being urged to cross the floor and over-ride the Government’s move to disallow ACT civil unions laws.

ACT Attorney-General Simon Corbell has attacked the Governor-General’s decision, calling it arrogant and undemocratic.
Mr Corbell says the issue of same sex unions will not go away and he will continue to push for legal recognition for gay couples.
“We will pursue all options to provide for equality under the law for people in same sex relationships,” he said.”
Senators urged to protect civil unions, ABC.
One reason Australia needs to allow gay marriage:
“Mr Walters said the inability of gay people to have their relationships formally and legally recognised caused great damage.
“The implication that (homosexuality) is in some way shameful or second class cannot be avoided when we treat people in this way,” he said.
“We have a high rate of youth suicide in Australia – one of the highest in the world – and one reason for that is where people’s sexuality is not accepted by the wider community and the message that sends is very damaging to those who are just finding out about their sexuality,” he said.”
Rights group slams gay marriage ban, The Age.
And a bit of a conspiracy theory:
“The federal government’s decision comes just after a push by United States President George Bush for a constitutional ban on gay marriage.”
Gay couples to lose right to say ‘I do’, The Age.

“Daggy music is one way to make the hoons leave an area, because they can’t stand the music”. Ahh, Australia. The BBC article helpfully explains that “Daggy is Australian slang for unfashionable or uncool”.
I read in WWW that ‘CUB’ cashed-up bogans is a new phrase in use in Australia – can anyone confirm?