My trip to Melbourne and Hong Kong is booked and paid for!
For all you stalkers, I arrive in Melbourne on March 18, and leave on March 30.
I’m also booking a trip to Rome for Easter with Amber, so I should avoid the post-holiday slump and everything. Woohoo!

Jerry Springer comes to Australia: “Mr Buckle intends to prove that Australians have just as much dirty laundry to air as their American counterparts.” Age
Why can’t anyone come to show Australians have as much dignity and self-respect as a country which doesn’t view appearing on Jerry Springer as an achievement?

“If everyone in Britain swapped three of their ordinary light bulbs for low-energy ones, it would save enough energy to light all the street lights in the country, according to the Environment Agency” (BBC)

I’m quite glad I’m not in Australia right now. Knowing that Bush was in the country would just make me mad.
As opposed to what I am now, I guess. I apologise in advance for the immaturity displayed in this entry.
Take leading role, fuckstick Bush urges.
“President Bush’s address was interrupted twice when Greens senators Bob Brown and Kerry Nettle heckled him” Go Bob! His ability to heckle while Crean is kowtowing is yet another advantage of the multi-party political system.
“He said Australia’s agenda with China was “the same as my country’s” – to strive to ensure the Korean peninsula was free of nuclear weapons.” Or make as much money as they can from it while ignoring any human rights or territorial violations.
Mmmm, lovers.
You know what those knee pads are really for, don’t you?
He’ll be wanking over this for years to come. It’s even better than those wet dreams about the Queen…

“It has been rightly pointed out in the current argument that homosexuality is not the only human practice which is condemned and that others the Biblical writers thought were wicked have now been accepted. This leaves a question mark over what it is about homosexuality that is unchangeably bad when practices such as divorce, lending money, eating shellfish, wearing a mixture of fabrics, cross-breeding livestock and sowing mixed seed in fields have long since become acceptable and tolerated.”

“While therefore the Bible does not speak positively about homosexuality (it is also uniformly critical of the sea, dogs and non-Jews) its references are scattered, complex and, sometimes, ambiguous.” The Guardian attempts to summarise what the Bible says about homosexuality.

“Members and senators are allowed a guest each for Mr Bush’s address. The Greens chose the family of Mamdouh Habib, one of two Australians held at Guantanamo Bay. Democrats leader Andrew Bartlett will bring his mother.” (Age)

It’s already getting to be -1 or -2 overnight. Ugh.
Otoh, I’m getting really excited because it looks like my leave will be approved and I can book tickets for a few weeks in Melbourne, via Hong Kong each way (and a few days in Macau and China, with any luck). Woohoo!