Various articles from the Age

Various articles from the Age on the deployment of Australian troops to Iraq.
Australian Greens senator Kerry Nettle addressed the band of peace supporters, telling them the Howard government was putting Australian troops and civilians at risk by supporting the potential US-led war on Iraq.
Dr Chesterfield-Evans [said]
“We followed an earlier American president into an illegal and immoral war in Vietnam – that should never happen again, and it wouldn’t if John Howard had learned the lessons of history,” he said.”
Australian troops were being put at risk by being deployed for a possible war against Iraq ahead of possible UN authorisation, Opposition Leader Simon Crean said today.
“There are only three countries out of a United Nations of 191 that are involved in forward deployment.
“Australia is one of them and it shouldn’t be.” ”

The Richard Taylor Interviews are

The Richard Taylor Interviews are the new Office. It’s horribly cringe-worthy in the same way.
The reviews I’ve read bag it out for being too cruel, but I suspect the reviewers haven’t had a job interview in the modern job market and don’t experience the purgatory pleasure the rest of us might.
In other news, Born Sloppy is filmed about 200 metres from my house, in the same studio they filmed parts of Lock, Stock and TwoSmoking Barrels.
They’ve actually made a Rough Guide to Dalston. “The annual Novotel Survey “The annual Novotel Survey released yesterday found that with an increase in security cameras in some hotels there was also a rise in the number of guests coupling on film.”

“The survey found the most bizarre coupling on film last year was between a couple dressed as Santa Claus and a nun.”

“The survey also found women guests were becoming more like men when they stay at a hotel.
They seem to be watching more adult entertainment than ever before, requesting more massages from the opposite sex and are more likely to conduct their business meetings in the hotel bar.
Women are also making more passes at male staff and they’ve been increasingly caught naked outside their rooms.”