Reeve pleads for end to

Reeve pleads for end to clone ban in Australia.
“A strong advocate for embryonic stem-cell (ES) research, Reeve hopes to meet privately with John Howard: “I’m hoping for progress on therapeutic cloning,” he said.
Therapeutic cloning is the creation of embryos for scientific and medical purposes.
Parliament last year passed legislation banning human reproductive cloning, but permitting the use of some spare IVF embryos for ES cell research. The therapeutic cloning decision was put on hold.”
This pisses me off. Firstly, butt out of Australia’s business, ex-movie star or not. Secondly, while I’m completely in favour of abortion rights, creating embryos purely to destroy them seems wrong.

More on Invasion/Australia Day, because

More on Invasion/Australia Day, because this says it better than I could: “The Editorial in the Sydney Morning Herald of 2 January 1995, arguing for a change of date, stated that January 26 ‘can never be a truly national day for it symbolises to many Aborigines the date they were conquered and their lands occupied. This divisive aspect to 26 January, the commemoration of the landing at Sydney Cove will never be reconciled’.”

Buffy woke up gay: “As

Buffy woke up gay:
“As she surveyed her friends sitting eagerly around the table, she realised just how gay they all were. Willow and Tara, the worst dressed lesbian couple in history; Giles, camp as a boy scout jamboree with his tea and English mannerisms; Xander, living the Village People dream as a construction worker; and Anya, former patron saint of scorned women and, thus, lesbian icon. Even the absent Riley had to be gay. How could anyone that prissy be in the military and be straight?”